Track Our Trip

3 06 2009

Follow our trip and our exact location. Click on the map on the top right of the page to see where we are. Check out the hybrid map for a satellite image of our location.




9 responses

7 06 2009
Jim and Carol Rymes

Best Wishes to all of you. Have a wonderful trip.

7 06 2009
John Cogan

Hey. What’s with the icon? Is this some Amish bike trip? That would explain Brian’s beard.

7 06 2009
John Cogan

Wow Brian. Those bike shorts make your ass look B-I-G big. No wait. It’s your ass that makes your ass look big.

Live the dream! Good luck and have a blast!

7 06 2009
Tim Winters

Go Woodwards, Go!!!

6 06 2009
Grahm McGlinchey

I hope Jake doesn’t die

6 06 2009
Pat Horan

Way Cool… I will check in regularly. What a great adventure. Build lots of memories and I hope the flat gods behave themselves.
Best Regards, Pat

5 06 2009
Cathy Barber

Wow! You guys are amazing. I’m so thrilled for you. Good to catch up by phone, Brian. Just think of all the gasoline you’re going to save peddling all those miles. Michael and I will track your progress and check in. Besafe and wear your helmets!


5 06 2009
Andrew Dill akapumpkinchef/needastick?

Good Luck to you all!! Have fun and be safe!! From your beloved province of Nova! I’ll keep your mama updated…Maggie your gonna have the best hockey sticks, New England has ever laid eyes on…!! Cheers from the pumpkin patch..AD

5 06 2009
Kenny McGovern

I am honored to be the first post at the start of your journey. The entire McGovern family is excited and inspired. We will be tracking your progress as you make your way across our country. I know you will see and experience many wonderful things along the way. Godspeed!

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