June 23

23 06 2009

Day 17:

On days like today it is hard to believe we are lugging around the weight of warm clothes. Today was HOT! After a humid night sleeping in our tents we woke up to a dry, sunny morning! We left the Emmett KOA campground and found breakfast in the next town after 6 easy miles. Brief stops for cold drinks became routine today. We managed to get in 30 miles before lunch, but the heat was getting to us. Hitting 90 F we were happy to sit at a nice air conditioned Subway for lunch, even if it meant the same thing two days in a row. After lunch we stocked up on cold water/gatorade and headed to our final destination, Caro. Even with the heat, we made good time in the afternoon. With about 6 miles to go we were forced to take a detour down a pot hole ridden dirt road, which just about did us all in. Soon after, we arrived at our motel having completed 70 miles today. The air conditioning was already cranked for us when we walked in! We quickly showered and walked our sore bodies over to the Dairy Queen for burgers and ice cream! It was delicious. After that, Dad and Maggie walked next door to WalMart to replace Maggie’s Camera (victim to a swim in the washing machine the day before we left NH). Back in the room everyone is fading fast. It’s 9:30 and Dad has begun snoring away already (I could easily join him) but we woke him up when we called Mom 🙂 WE MISS YOU MOM! We also miss Tracker (our blind yellow lab) and hear that he has been showing signs of loneliness around the house.

Bed is crying my name so I’ll end tonight’s post.

More to come as another scorching day across the Michigan blacktop awaits us….