June 27

27 06 2009

Day 21:

Although the idea of sleeping in appealed to almost all of us, the 93 mile ride the day before still did not stop us from getting up around 5:30 am and heading out soon after towards the S.S. Badger. As we arrived at the S.S Badger we met up with Mike, a man who was taking the same route as us but was stopping in Milwaukee. It was great to chat with him throughout the ride and we were very impressed by his lack of gear and stealth camping techniques! After we left our bikes down in the hull of the ship, we headed to the main deck where we looked forward to a much needed breakfast and four hour nap. Within minutes Jake was fast asleep, followed soon after by Dad. Jake was sound alseep on top of the maps Dad had been looking at. No one cares about Maggie and Zach. The rest of the group relaxed on the bow of the ship, laying in the sun for the majority of the ride across Lake Michigan. Jake joined them after waking up the first time but fell asleep once again. Four hours later we arrived in Wisconsin, even though Jake felt as if he had just fallen asleep. Watching Jake wake up to the ferry’s blasting horn was very entertaining for the others. Getting off the ferry we headed towards “The Bicycle and Fitness Co.” to get some much needed repairs on our bikes, the rear wheels once again. Mike accompanied us to the store but said goodbye shorty after. It was great to meet you…good luck! Jeremy did a great job truing the wheels and Jake gave us great advice on places to stay and roads to travel on, thanks! With our bikes all fixed we headed to Warren’s Diner for some lunch. We were in contact with the guys at Dover Cyclery and they got a hold of the Fuji dealer who is sending some new wheels to Minneapolis for us – Thanks for the great service! Once our stomachs were full we decided to take the rest of the day off by finding a nice Comfort Inn to relax and unwind in. Earlier today we had decided that it was time to take our first real rest day. But we still covered some distance on the ferry (if that counts) and once we arrived in town. Juging by the uncontrolable laughter at dinner everyone is in need of a good night’s sleep. We are hoping to get plenty of rest tonight and are looking forward to biking through Wisconsin tomorrow.