June 22

22 06 2009

Day 16:

After such a long day yesterday, an easy ride, early finish, and relaxing afternoon were in order. We slept in a little more than usual, ate a great breakfast nearby (ran into a fellow bike tourer yet again), and headed out, unsure of our destination. After 10 miles, we knew it was going to be a short day. Having started later than usual, we were riding in the heat of the day. No complaints about the sunshine however. After 20 miles we stopped for a Subway lunch in Memphis and took some time to plan the days ahead. The time to meet Mom is getting closer, and we need to begin making and sticking to a schedule for the next week our so. We can’t wait till you join us – we all miss you (and Tracker) very much!! It was there we decided that a chance for some down time was just what we needed. From there we set our sights on the Emmett KOA. Arriving around 4 o’clock, after just 40 miles, we looked forward to a relaxing afternoon. A swim in the lake, outrageous tan lines and all, was a great way to spend the afternoon. The campground staff was wonderful, thanks to Chris and the gang for their welcome! Hot dogs over the fire and cereal were a nice change of pace for dinner. The campground is nice and quiet tonight, and we are hoping for a restful sleep and a dry morning (don’t jinx it!). With a few long days ahead, we hope to cross Lake Michigan on Friday.