California Coast: Final Day

28 05 2010

We made it! While Maggie and Dad enjoy the massive pool and hot -tub, I am sitting outside on the patio overlooking the Pacific and a spectacular sunset and will reflect on today’s journey.

After pumping up our tires at a local bike store we found out there that between Lompoc ( Lom-Poke ) and Santa Barbra there is nowhere to eat. That scared us so we stocked up on food and drinks for today’s ~60 mile ride.

Shortly after we started into our trek Maggie noticed her gears were not shifting properly, and then it happened  – her entire right gear cable snapped. The last time this happened was out on the prairies… and experience is an amazing teacher. We happened to have one extra gear cable and quickly got to work. In only about ½ hour we got things working again and we all shouted for joy… especially Maggie who remembered hauling over 200 miles last summer with only 1 usable gear. Good thing too because we had a few big climbs coming up.

Half way through our first big climb we decided to take a break and eat our “lunch” which consisted of chips, rice krispies, and chocolate bars. We also took a little snooze J I got a great pic of Dad getting some zzz’s.

After the descent we were greeted by a sign for Santa Barbra (30ish miles away) and Los Angles (130 miles away) and we headed down the freeway. (Side note – riding on the freeway is not fun)

While still on the freeway we made our way back to the coast. Riding high over the Pacific Ocean we continued south on Route 1 to Santa Barbra. We eventually got off the freeway and onto a bike path that took us directly through the campus of the University of California Santa Barbara. The campus has an amazing bike system, including round-a-bouts and parking for hundreds, if not thousands of bikes. This school also overlooks the Pacific Ocean and had a beach about ¼ mile from it. (Why wasn’t this place on my list when I was applying for schools 4 years ago?)

We followed the bike trails into Santa Barbra where we grabbed some quick burgers and chatted up a bike store about getting our bikes either shipped home, or packed up to take on the plane with us – we’re going to figure that out in the morning. For now we are relaxing at the Double Tree in Santa Barbra overlooking the Pacific and are ready to call it a night. Well, I’m still hungry so we’ll have to track down some snacks, and aloe because these sunburns are hurting!

We’ll continue to blog the California trip until we’re home late Saturday night. Stay tuned and thanks for your support along the way! Looking forward to some quality vacation time on the beach/by the pool tomorrow!!