Day 0 – We’re Ready for you California

21 05 2010

Tomorrow we will start day 1 of a ~400mi ride from San Francisco to Santa Barbra, Calif. Dad, Maggie, and myself will be up before 5am to make an early bus ride down to Boston. We spent all day today (well mostly in the last few hours) packing our essential bike gear and bikes in preparation for the 6+ hour flight across the country. Thinking about what our family of 5 did last summer on our bikes and how it took 65 days compared to the 6 hours it takes in a plane is just so awesome for some reason. It’s true, this adventure cycling thing is addicting.

With all that being said we’re looking at a max temp of 12 C (54 F) when we touch down tomorrow at SFO. With the wind traveling directly in our faces at 30kmph (~19mph). We are starting the trip to Santa Barbra after we back track a few miles (about 20 miles – remember wind in faces – 19mph… lol) over the Golden Gate Bridge. We’ll sleep on the other side of the bridge for day 1 and then star the trip down on day 2. Hopefully with some good winds and maybe a little sun 🙂

The trip is scheduled to last about a week… flying home to Boston out of LAX on the 28th.

Anyone think we can bang out 400mi in 4 days? That would be a new record – but not by much would also probably kill me.

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