August 8 – We Made It!

9 08 2009

Day 63:

WE MADE IT! Exactly two months after dipping our tires in the Atlantic we reached the pacific ocean. With the ocean just a few miles away (Bay View, Washington), Jake took off, while the rest of us were stopped, to ensure he would reach the ocean first. Zach and I weren’t going to let him have it that easily so we sprinted off in an attempt to catch him. No luck though. I saw him turn the corner and run to the water before I reached the beach. It’s okay he can have those bragging rights…I still made it to the top of every mountain pass first! More importantly though, after nine weeks of biking, and only two full days off, we successfully rode from New Castle, New Hampshire to Anacortes, Washington.

It seemed like just another day of riding when we woke up in our tents, packed our gear, and started out on the 14 mile ride to breakfast in Marblemount (yesterday’s original destination). It was pretty cloudy, but we enjoyed the break from the heat. After a buffet breakfast at the Marblemount Dinner, we stocked up on drinks, and headed out with a long day ahead of us. For once the ride was mostly downhill and flat so we were making great time. By staying on Highway 20 we saved ourselves a few miles. Just before lunch in Concrete, Zach had yet another flat tire…a pinch flat after hitting a large rock. With only two tubes left, we replaced that one and hoped to make it through the day without any more flats, but Dad’s rear wheel was on it’s last legs, and the tire cord was showing through. After lunch in Concrete (crazy to think of how many of these little town diners we have eaten in over the last 9 weeks) we were back on highway 20 for a while. With another uneventful 20 miles behind us, we spotted a DQ and couldn’t pass up the opportunity… so we enjoyed a little ice cream before our final 20 miles. We were off the main road, riding on rough county farm roads once again. As we neared the end, we climbed one very steep hill and with Jake right beside me I knew he was scheming. And after a quick rest stop, he took off for his victory. When we all caught up, and touched the ocean for the first time, we found the bike trail into Anacortes…our final 10 miles. After 85 miles, we finally arrived at the Anaco Inn for the night, where we were very pleasantly surprised by our two room villa! We enjoyed some pizza and relaxing (real relaxing…no worries about tomorrow’s ride!) and headed to bed…very excited to sleep in! Tomorrow we will formally dip our tires before leaving the bikes at the bike shop to be shipped home, while we head to Seattle and await our flight home on Tuesday!

It’s hard to believe we are finally done! Thanks to everyone we met along the way, and those at home keeping close tabs on us the whole way!





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22 08 2009

Hi! Woodward Family;

My husband and myself, are still in awe of what you have done as a family.
It is something you will have in your memories, for the rest of your lives.
Congratulations for finally making it to the end of your journey. We met all of
you, in Rexford Montana, camping in the campground where you spent the night.

Take care Leighton and Lynda

17 08 2009
Pat Horan

Awesome…Just Awesome…Congratulations… It’s been fun checking up on you guys…Awesome!!!

15 08 2009
Stuart and Caren McDowell

Congratulations!!! You guys were magnificent! We’ve got a big foam-finger on in celebration of your achievement. One of the great aspects of your adventure is that its value will never diminsh-and you have it forever! Though we aren’t responsible for any part of your success, we are very proud of you.

Stuart and Caren McDowell

12 08 2009
Charlie Hatton

One of those photos from Anacortes is going to make a fine Xmas Card. Congratulations to you all on your amazing once-in-a-lifetime accomplishment!

10 08 2009
Kim Sager

Congratulations on your amazing ride! We are the family you met in East Glacier, the ones who cheered you up that terrible climb on the Going to the Sun Road. We have enjoyed checking in your accomplishments.
Kim & Jeff Sager

10 08 2009
Craig Weber

I was the guy that you spoke with at the rest stop near Libby, Montana.

I took your alternative route out of Libby and thoughly enjoyed it. I saw only two cars on it. I got to see a deer and a fox (the only one that I have seen). It was a very peaceful and relaxing route.

Glad to hear that you and your family are done. I on the other hand have just reached Havre, Montana and still have a few more days in Montana.


10 08 2009
Zoe Lathrop

Hi Carolyn, Congratulations to your family and especially you! You did it!
And just think, you’ll have 2 weeks to relax at home before school starts.

9 08 2009
Laura Carmichael

What an amazing trip you have had. It’s been fun keeping tabs on you. Now what am I going to read before I go to bed each night? Hope you can relax now. Safe trip home. Love to all.

9 08 2009

Wow – 63 days…. the stats will be interesting. How many flat tires??? How many miles, how many swear words from Maggie:)!! How many times did Jake say – “look Mom, no hands”!!! The pictures and surprise video clips have been great; I can’t imagine how Zack kept peddling and twitting and posting clips to Facebook. It’s been lots of fun checking in everyday. Thanks for letting us live vicariously through you! Lots of Love to all.

9 08 2009
Uncle John

Congratulations! What a wonderful family adventure.

9 08 2009

Congratulations to you all! What an amazing trip for you to complete together. I have enjoyed reading about your adventures and will miss the blog updates.

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