August 5

6 08 2009

Day 60:

Today was hot! If you have windchill in the winter do you have
windwarm in the summer? The southerly wind started with a vengence at
noon and it was like riding into a blast furnace. We were told the temp
topped out at 108.

The temp was a fact during the day but did not become a factor as we
banged out another mountain pass (Wacaunda pass ) where we had
another young bear cross our path.

Once over the pass, we entered the desert like terrain of the area
east of the cascades. Very dry with limited vegetation.

We met a few fellow travelers today, one guy from Rhode Island who
started the week before us and a family from Calgary. The Calgarians
are were a family of 5 and the kids looked to be about 7,6,5. They are
riding a tandem and a triple. They are taking a year to do the west
coast. My hat is off to those guys riding their rigs through the

After 41 miles and a quick flat repair for Jake, we arrived in
Tonasket for lunch. We have had number of flats lately. I attribute
this to the very hot temps and tires that are becoming very worn. We
should probably have rotated tires earlier in the game.

We battled the inferno to Okanagon. After a total of 70 plus
miles completed we enjoyed a swim in the pool before a late





4 responses

6 08 2009
Laura Carmichael

Way to go guys! You are amazing. Will be watching for your finish line blog. Get lots of pics. Stay safe. Love you all. Lo

6 08 2009
Stuart and Caren McDowell

A big HELLO to you all!!!

We will follow you to the finish…which is within sight! Great job by you all; keep focused and go tackle those last miles! We’ll celebrate your achievement here in Pacific Grove. Good on you, Woodwards!

Stuart and Caren McDowell

6 08 2009
The Kaplans

YOU GO GUYS!!!!! Loving the blogs. What a HUGE accomplishment, we are so thrilled for you guys. On the downstretch now. I am sure you have mixed emotions of the endeaver coming to an end (or maybe not?). Can’t wait to see you. Keep on pedalin’.
Love Shauna, Barry, and Natalie.

6 08 2009
Arnold Clobes

Hi Woodwards,

Been following your adventure since meeting at the roadside Rest Stop near Glasgow MT (7/20) . A loud Cheer for your grit and determination. The well deserved reward for those hefty WA climbs is the superb beauty of the area. My eastward trip ended at the ND/MN border to be continued next year.

Safe Travels and Good Luck.
Arnold Clobes
Livermore, CA.

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