July 29

29 07 2009

Day 53:
The night in the cabin was nice! It was so nice that we didn’t end up leaving the West Glacier KOA until almost 11:00am. We enjoyed a downhill ride out of the campground and just as we got to the bottom a group of three on touring bikes passed by us. Almost immediately after seeing these guys go by us a group of about 15 bikers flew by us on racing bikes… I wonder if we could go that fast without our gear? There was no catching them. However we were able to catch up to the smaller group. Of three. After catching up to them we discovered they have quite a bit of experience in the biking field. Check out the adventures at http://www.bikebums.com (I love the domain haha). My (Zach) and Jake’s bike needed some repairs so when we arrived in Whitefish (only 30 miles from West Glacier) the bike store was the fist order of business. Apparently my bike has different sized spokes in it.. that’s not good. Well they are still in there because we would’ve had to have my entire rear wheel rebuilt which we don’t have time for and with about ten days to the finish line (even though it’s not a race.. until the last day!) During lunch we made our hotel reservations. I had our first hotel lined up where I had to struggle to negotiate the foldaway bed. As Jake I walked to the hotel Maggie, Dad, and Mom road ahead of us and checked out the hotel. Needless to say the place smelled like CRAP. We passed on that dump. The Pine Lodge right across the street was more than accommodating and is one of the nicer places we stayed at an affordable rate. Dinner took us to a happening spot where we enjoyed large servings of lasagna.

30 miles, and a poolside afternoon + DQ for desert, makes for a pretty easy day.

I’m going to miss the rockies as we head further West… but I am sure excited that were getting closer to finishing the trip.





3 responses

31 07 2009
Tom Boulanger

Photos and family look great! Wish I had found the site sooner because I don’t think I can make my way thru 1600+ photos. And, it looks like Jake is as tall as Brian in one of the photos! You’re not missing anything here, but record setting rain! Enjoy the rest of the ride!


31 07 2009
Stuart and Caren McDowell

Hi to all !!
Loved seeing your photos of Glacier and knowing that the plains are behind you. There are more good sights ahead of you-we’ll pray for weather and equipment to cooperate. We are back at work…a difficult transition from life on the road together, but we’ll adjust. Caren and I check your progress each day and are pulling for you all. You have shown incredible toughness-a proof of what lays within you all. Keep up the fantastic job and we know you’ll enjoy a great sense of satisfaction at the end-and well beyond!! Great going by you all!
Stuart and Caren McDowell

30 07 2009
Holland Patterson

We met you on our way to Waterton and your way to St. Mary’s. We looked up your website and will enjoy following your trip. You guys have some great pictures. Have a good rest of your trip.
Holland Patterson (Patterson family from WA and TX)

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