July 24

24 07 2009

Day 47:

Today was an unplanned half day. We started the trek heading west with the notion that we would be in Cardston, Alberta tonight. What we thought would be a nice 100 mile run turned into a slow crawl as we began our ride. We had expected easterly winds to push us up the mountains but we ran into exactly the opposite. After making it 16 miles we felt the rain coming (very dark clouds in the west) and with the wind so fierce we were forced to stop on the side of the road. Moving all our bikes together in a circle we created a barricade like structure where we took shelter for a while. Dad, Maggie and Jake even took out their sleeping bags and made themselves comfortable. When the rain started pouring we took out our tent ground sheets and tarps and quickly went to work constructing a ceiling. We spent the rest of the storm in the comfort of our make shift fort… sitting 10 feet away from the highway. When the storm finally passed we made our way into Cut Bank where we saw the rocky mountains equipped with snow and all for the first time this trip, and the first time ever for most of us. The wind today is too much to handle and on top of that we are all pretty tired. Once in Cutbank, the team took our lunch and during this time we decided to stay the night. There is a 73 mile stretch of NOTHING on the climb to Cardston so making any further progress today was out of the question. Tomorrow we begin our adventure into the rocky mountains! For me this is the most exciting part of the trip as the landscape thus far has been rather dull (speak for yourself zach!) Mom and Dad are stocking up at the grocery store for our long day tomorrow as we won’t have any services until we reach Cardston, and the rest of us are watching TV, reviewing the maps, and uploading our pictures.





2 responses

25 07 2009
jim bullock

It is great to see your pictures and read your daily journals. Thanks for sharing that.
Zach, foot on pedal, not in spokes. Ha ha!
Brian, swim team doing lots of kick to keep up with you.
Best wishes for happy times. Cheers!

25 07 2009
Stuart and Caren McDowell

Hi Woodwards!
We were in Parkers Prairie a few days ago and ate at the Cozy Cup Cafe. The waitress brought out their cycling guestbook for us to sign…and we saw your entry! Jake wrote it…we signed just beneath you guys. You are fighting well against the wind and reaching Cut Bank now the mountains aren’t far off! You have had everything thrown at you and you’re still making it!!! Great job! We’ll keep tracking you here. We are near Minneapolis right now and flying home today (actually finished in Long Prairie where we’ll start next year for the second half). You guys are doing great…just amazing. Zach has the makings of a good Indian name, “Broken Spoke”.

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