July 20

20 07 2009

Day 43:

It is seriously day 43.. wow. So we are all hunkered into our $45 a night motel in Saco, Montana and we just discovered there is wifi!! Do you realize how important that is?! The very second we found out the password Dad whips out his iphone and connects, Jake jumps on my ipod touch, and Maggie and I open up the macbooks.

Today was pretty exhausting… and frustrating. The day started off with a nice cheap breakfast in the Casino / Restaurant (everywhere around here seems to call itself a casino) and headed West. About 20 miles deep into the day we arrived at the Bar / Cafe in Hinsdale, Montana. We were 10 minutes late and the cafe was closed. 😦 However, Jennifer took care of us by heating up a few pizzas, filling all our water bottles up, and even offered to drive us all the way to Malta. We denied that amazing offer because that would be cheating. When someone decides to actually take that shortcut I’ll let them know in Seattle that they didn’t actually bike across the country. bahahaha !!

Anyway – We only made 43 miles today after leaving Gasgow. 43 miles seems like nothing compared some of the long days we’ve put in on flat land but today we were combating 30 mile per hour head winds. This is extremely frustrating because you work so hard only to move 5-9 mph. Even on hills we had to down shift. Dad is still working out the mileage for tomorrow as the winds should be a little less intense. Apparently we are in “mosquito valley” where the mosquitoes can turn a white horse black. Wish us luck!

Shout out to Kenny for looking up the weather and wind conditions for us as we all had very limited cell service. Dad’s got AT&T which apparently has no service anywhere out west so far, and we all have verizon which is pretty reliable. Just enough for a phone call! Thanks Kenny!





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24 07 2009

I finally caught up with all of your adventures from the start. When we met you at a rest area in North Dakota July 17, we drove from baton, ND and we arrived in Libby, Mt abou 11:00 P.M. the same night about 850 miles. We stayed at a friends for a couple days. Then Sunday afternoon about 2:30 we left for Portland, OR. We arrived at Portland about 12:00 P.M. Pacific time.
Signing off for now.
Harold & Sanda

21 07 2009
Tracey Chesley

Hi All – just a quick note to tell you that i’m really enjoying reading about your adventures. I think of the wonderful memories you are making together. Good luck, be strong, safe and may the road be flat”ish” and may the winds be…..absent 🙂

21 07 2009
Stuart and Caren McDowell

Hi Brian, Carolyn, Zack, Maggie, and Jake-
We are following your progress-there is nothing fair about the headwinds and we are so sorry you have to endure them. But incredible beauty awaits you in Western Montana and Glacier NP will treat you well. We are pulling for you and praying for you. We admire what you are doing!! Keep up the great work.

We are in Pelican Rapids, Minnesota today. We’ll ide as far as Long Prairie or so-another day or two and then friends will pick us up and we’ll fly home. Work starts next week. Next summer, we’ll return too whereever we stop and keep heading to the Atlantic.

Best regards to you all !!!!

Stuart and Caren McDowell

20 07 2009
Arnold Clobes

enjoyed chatting wih you this afternoon in the rest area west of Glasgow. good to hear you made it to Saco aginst those hefty headwinds. that had to take more energy than i could ever muster.

i too got to meet many mosquitoes but a motel in Saco?? won’t ruin your day by telling my speed heading the other way except it was a record.

i admire your fortitude, gumption perserverence, griteness, etc, etc, etc on a wonderful and rewarding way to experience America.

thanks for pointing me to your website-enjoy the wit and humor. will continue to follow progress on your great adventure.

Good Luck, Safe Travels, & may the Wind Gods be more favorable to you.
Arnold Clobes
Livermore, (near SF), CA

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