July 13

13 07 2009

Day 36:

I was told I did such a good job yesterday that I should do this again today. What a line! We all had a good sleep last night in Minnawanken (one of my personal best) and managed to get up before 7:00. Breakfast down at the Bait & Tackle before heading out in a beautiful tailwind. Maggie was plugging away on her three gears, hoping to get to a bike store in Rugby at the end of the day. Rain was forecast for later in the day so we set a pretty quick pace trying to out ride it. We arrived in Esmond after 26 miles where there was supposed to be a small restaurant. The restaurant was there but closed on (you guessed it) Mondays. We were directed to the village park where there were picnic tables and public washrooms where we set up our camp stove and cooked up some ramen noodles for Brian and the boys while Maggie and I made do with pretzels, peanut butter and trail mix. Not much of a lunch but it got us going again.

Heading out for what should have been an easy 30 miles to Rugby, Maggie was hit again by more gear problems. Her gear cable pulled free. When she and Brian caught up to the boys and I, Brian had rigged the cable somewhat but needed to make some adjustments. I have been quite impressed with the ingenuity from Brian and the kids with regard to repairs, etc. I don’t know how Maggie retained her composure through all this nonsense. After some adjustments, she had access to 15, 25 and 35 which Maggie said was better than what she had. Fortunately, the wind was still in our favor and the hills were gradual so we cruised through the last 24 fairly easily and arrived in Rugby (supposedly the “geographical center of North America”) around 4:00. An early end to the day by our standards. Pulled into the Cottage Café with fortunately an hour before closing for an early dinner (or really late lunch if you don’t count our snack earlier). The food was great and they had really good coffee for a change. While we were there, Brian called the local hardware store to see if they possibly had any bike parts. They said they had some, so he and Maggie left the three of us to go check into the Econo Lodge while they picked up some parts for Maggie’s bike.

As I write this, Maggie and Brian and working diligently away on her bike. Let’s hope it works. Minot is 70 plus miles (the last place with a bike store for awhile we’ve been told). And, we just heard a forecast of SW winds 25 mph or higher. We better all get a good sleep tonight. Tomorrow will be a long one. Wish us luck with the repairs everyone.





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14 07 2009
Mary Pat

Crossing my fingers for maggie’s bike. keep up the GREAT biking Sis [Carolyn]!!

15 07 2009

Thanks for the encouragement MP. I really needed it yesterday. Knees aren’t too bad today but my quads still feel a bit weary. Another good rest tonight will do them good. Love to all.


14 07 2009
Zoe Lathrop

Sounds like your almost to the best scenic part of your trip. Looks pretty flat where you are now, but the mountains of Montana should be beautiful! Carolyn you’re doing great! I’m so impressed. Stay positive!
Saw a Tim Horton’s in Maine and thought of you.

15 07 2009

Thanks for the post Zoe. Really great to get the kind words of encouragement. I trust everything is quiet on the school front.


14 07 2009
Jim Mower

I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog!! I made the trip last year West to East ending in Hampton, NH. We went on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and through Canada to Niagra. Anyway, I think that the most interesting (in a good way) part of your trip is about to begin. I love the farms, the trains and the wildlife in Montana. The mountains and rivers in Idaho and Washington are breathtaking.

It appears that you are on Route 2. Advice can be boring but I can not help myself.

There is a Mall and an Applebees in Minot and it may be the last restaurant you recognize for a long while. Fresh veges and salad will be hard to find after this so fill up in Minot. Subway sandwiches after Minot will be a dream!

Do not stay overnight on Indian Reservations. It sounds romantic but you will see what I mean when you ride through your first one in Montana.

If you plan on staying in a hotel call early. We ran into a lot of Buffalo Bill Days, Frontier Days, Rodeos, etc. that booked the one or two hotels in town. You can’t make this stuff up!

We saw lots of Mule Deer., Whitetail Deer and a couple of Antelope in Montana. Hopefully the wheat will be short enough for you to see them.

Best of luck on the rest of your trip! I hope you have favorable winds, dry roads and better luck with your gear. Be safe!

Jim Mower

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