July 7

7 07 2009

Day 30:

A favorable wind out of the east and flat deserted highways early in the day resulted in a record day for pre-lunch mileage. The day started out well with a dry night of “free” (Dad was happy!) … camping in the city park although we were all sure based on the noise that we must have been on the train tracks when in the middle of the night a freight train went through town. Just how many times does a train need to blow its whistle when you can hear it for miles!

We probably passed by at least half of the 10,000 lakes in Minnesota as we continued our travels through the beautiful northwestern part of the state. We rode on mostly deserted country roads in good to great condition. However, consistent with many prior days the day ended with numerous hills but even so Mom did a great job finishing off the 68 miles.

Dad’s “mooing” does not seem to impress the Minnesota cows nearly as much as it did the Wisconsin cows. Could it be the accent? Speaking of which, it is interesting that “soda” is now once again referred to as “pop” and there is a definite Canadian ring to the word “about”.

We are spending our last night in Minnesota in “Pelican Rapids”. St. Paul’s mascot would feel right at home here; there are pelicans – large and small – all around town. It is not at all inappropriate that we are spending tonight at the Pelican Motel. The boys are happy and as rain is expected overnight we will at least be dry to start the day tomorrow as we head to North Dakota.

PS To answer Mr. Rymes’s question…. The muffins did not make it to breakfast.





4 responses

8 07 2009
Laura Carmichael

Way to go guys! You are amazing. Watching the blog everyday. Take care. Love Lo

8 07 2009
Zoe Lathrop

Carolyn, I see you have join your family safely. I congratulate you on your first few days of riding. Sounds like your fitting right in! Good travels for the rest of the week, it’s still raining here in NH. Zoe

8 07 2009

Always happy when I hear you are on quiet roads. Very impressed at how my sis is keeping up with you athletes. Don’t forget to smell the roses. Any interesting wildlife? Marita and I saw a Turkey Vulture near Mom and Dad’s yesterday. Will try to get a picture. Keep having fun and stay safe.

8 07 2009
Tim Winters

How do they say Pro-cess?

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