June 26

26 06 2009

Day 20:

93 miles! A very long day for sure, and certainly not what we had planned. For the first time we woke up to a sunny and completely dry morning in our tents, a great start to the day. We got an early start and found breakfast after a quick 5 miles. From there we headed down a hilly route for 20 miles until we arrived in Le Roy for drinks and snacks at the general store. While there we took a closer look at our route and realized that instead of the 66 miles we had expected, it would actually be more like 90 miles until we reached the ferry. Having planned to board the ferry for its second crossing at 8 PM and arrive in Wisconsin around midnight, we had to readjust. We doubted that we would make the evening ferry, but knew that we still needed to make it to Ludington so we could at least catch it in the morning. Another quick 20 miles got us to Luther for lunch at Loggers Landing. We were making good time and there was still a possibility of making the ferry. We cruised through the first 15 miles until a decision to rely on the GPS caused us some problems – that’s the last time we do that!. One dirt road led to another and we found ourselves in the middle of the woods on a very sandy trail. After a few wipeouts walking the bikes became necessary and we confirmed that our bikes are not made for off road terrain, they certainly are not mountain bikes! We pushed the heavy bikes through the sandy dunes until we finally arrived back on the main road. It seemed that we were most definitely not going to make it in time. Despite making great time through the next 15 miles we eventually ran into the wind. We decided to call and make reservations for the night in Ludington and then get the ferry in the morning. Good thing we did because a few wrong turns set us back once again. Everyone was getting tired and we were happy to finally arrive at the Shoreline Inn right on Lake Michigan after 93 miles (our longest day yet!). Maggie and Dad took advantage of the pool and spa as we awaited our pizza delivery. Tomorrow morning we will be up early to catch the 8 AM ferry to Wisconsin. Unless of course we sleep in and take the evening ferry later on…




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27 06 2009
Fuji Greg

Hey Woodward’s! Greg from Fuji here. Some little birdies told me you were having some wheel issues. I have communicated with Dover Cyclery and Varsity Bike Shop in Minneapolis. We will have 4 brand new rear wheels waiting for you at Varsity Bike Shop on Thursday. Sam there will install your wheels free of charge, he just says you may need to leave the bikes for a couple of minutes if he is busy. You can contact me during the week at gpolitz@advancedsports.com if you have any questions or Wayne and Mike @ Dover know how to get a hold of me.

Hope the trip is going well! Almost half way!

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