June 21

21 06 2009

Day 15:

Our time in Ontario was short lived. Eighty miles (our longest trip) got us across the border and into Michigan. A good sleep at the B&B was just what we needed to get going again. After tuning the bikes and packing up, we headed for breakfast just down the road. With the sun shining once again we hit the road and headed for the border. With Dave’s advice in mind, we decided to take a more direct route (different from the northern tier route), one that would get us to Michigan a day earlier. The first 20 miles went by quickly, despite a few dirt roads and a some hills at the very beginning. After a short snack break we logged another 10 miles before our early lunch in West Lorne. From there we spent the afternoon cruising through farming territory, interrupted only by a few innocent wipeouts and minor road side repairs. The final 35 miles were spent riding along one flat, straight road. One of the very few cars to pass us drove alongside Dad for a few minutes to talk about out trip! At around 6:30 we reached the ferry terminal and awaited the boat’s arrival. We crossed the St. Clair River and cleared customs on the other side – nice to cover distance without pedaling! Hungry and thirsty, we ate at the closest restaurant, right next to the ferry terminal. With the help of a few locals we found vacancy at a motel just down the road. Very pleased with our day’s progress, and the weather forecast, we look forward to making quick work of Michigan.

Happy Father’s Day!




One response

21 06 2009
adrian bertoia

Hey guys, glad you made it across to Michigan on the ferry without any real trouble. Brian, it was me in the car that pulled up beside you and chatted for a few moments.I was thrilled to have met you, and could have talked for hours about your trip. Thankyou for giving me your website. I want to keep updated on your progress. Love the pictures you also post with the blog. I can’t think of a better father’s day gift, than to be riding with your kids on the first official day of summer…cross country! I love cycling, but never have done any extensive touring. I’m envious,in a good way,of course! Best wishes in the miles ahead,
in solidarity,
Adrian Bertoia.

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