June 15

16 06 2009

Day 10:

After early morning thundershowers, the skies cleared in time for us to wake up and pack things up. The quads were screaming as we left the campground and stopped after just a mile for breakfast number two. Some of the group agreed to have hit the wall and the outlook for the day did not look good. Breakfast at the Hardware Cafe got us going enough to make the steep climb out of Fair Haven. The hills continued along the beautiful shoreline of Lake Ontario through peach orchards and vineyards until we stopped for lunch at the Sodus Point Golf Club. Having only logged about 30 miles we stopped just a mile after lunch, this time for ice cream. Dad bought, and devoured, half a strawberry pie, large ice cream cone, and almost a half gallon of milk. We could have all agreed to stay longer and sit in the sun, but it was four o’clock and we had only gone 30 miles. After our extended stop, we continued with an easier ride through farmland and orchards until we met up with the canal trail. We followed the trail for a while until we ran into Shawn and Jake, father and son. After a few more miles we met up with them again, and they offered to escort us to a nice hotel a few miles away. Thank you! We arrived at the hotel just before 9 o’clock! A long day for sure during which we logged 70 plus miles – we have sunburns to prove it (sorry mom, we will start wearing more sunscreen!) After a late pizza dinner, we returned to the luxurious room for a much needed rest. Tomorrows ride will take us along the canal trail for most of the day.




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25 06 2009
Gary VanHoogstraten

To the Woodward Family. I am totally impressed that families take time to be with one another. Your journey will something I am sure that you will remember forwver. It was nice meeting you yesterday in Bay City. I was at my favorite restaurant (Stock Pot) when you were there. I was the older guy sitting at the counter listening to your amazing days and nights. I wish you well, I believe your family will be complete when you arrive in Minnesota. Again, thanks for sharing some laughs and chatting with us.


16 06 2009

I’m glad that the hotel worked out for you… Pittsford has a great little village but can be a bit expensive. I was concerned that I may have steared you wrong last night but your choices for lodging are pretty slim in this area. Good Luck! My son and I will be following your travels and cheering for you along the way.

16 06 2009

Hi Woodward Family! This is Laurie Bell, John and Judy Conner’s daughter. I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog as my husband and I are training for a big ride in July (although nothing compared to your adventure). I don’t know if your travels will bring you through Colorado, but we’d love to ride a stretch with you and also offer our home for lodging as well. We’re right in Denver.

Keep working hard! Great job!

16 06 2009

Was worried when there was no post, but figured that signal might be lacking.
I’ve figured out who the photographer is, but not sure who the journalist is.
How cool is this!

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