June 8

8 06 2009

Day 3:

After enjoying a quiet night, we all fell asleep early and woke up early too. The four of us packed things up, had a quick breakfast, and were on the road shortly before eight o’clock. Had we known what was ahead we probably would have eaten much more. There was no time to warm up as we were immediately met with dirt roads and very steep hills – not to mention a few dogs chasing us. We all knew it was time to eat/rest when we were braking behind dad’s tires. Around noon we finally found somewhere to eat (Grafton Town Store) and we stopped for lunch after logging 30 miles. After a much needed rest we headed back onto route 4. All of our spirits were brightened at the sight of a moose and a few downhill stretches. Those didn’t last long and we were again faced with continuous climbing. Determined to reach the Vermont border we continued to climb the hills and finally called it quits in Quechee Vermont where we found the Quechee Pine Valley Campground and set up for the night around 5:30. Despite the long day, we logged just 54 miles – 54 miles of hills! After a nice swim and warm showers, we are all off to a well deserved dinner.




6 responses

9 06 2009
Katherine Caprio

Wishing you a fun, injury free adventure with minimal blisters. Go get em’ Woodwards!!!!!!!

9 06 2009

Brian & Family:

Congratulations to each of you. You’re off to a great start. We’ll be checking regularly to see how you are progressing and thinking of you often.

All the best!

9 06 2009
Webster Mundy

Hey Brian – congrats on the trip. Wish you and your family good health and alot fun on this trip. Word is you’ll be travelling to Waterton on your journey, any other Canadian stops? If you can let me know when you’re in that Waterton area, maybe I’ll make a trip down and say hello!!


9 06 2009

Go Woodwards Go! What a great adventure for you all…I’ll be following along from the desk on the west coast.

9 06 2009
Jimmy Rymes

Congratulations Woodward family, Best of luck on your trip. I am enjoying reading your updates. Take care.

9 06 2009
Charlie Hatton

No turning back now, Brian! Bet you make quick work of Vermont…

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